Website Spring Cleaning Challenge!

When was the last time you took care of your website? Websites are not a set-it-and-forget-it thing - they require proper care and maintenance, just like your car or your house (or your kids!)

If you're not sure, or you're afraid to say it out loud, then this challenge is for you. Join the challenge, spend about an hour a day, and you'll have you website shined up and ready to show off to your new visitors.

When was the last time you tidied up your website?

I see websites all the time that are lacking some critical maintenance that can help to keep the site more secure, give a better experience to your site visitors, and work harder as a marketing tool for your business.

Most of the time, these maintenance actions shouldn't take much time, and can do a lot to prevent losing time later to fixing bigger issues. (It's like tidying your house a little everyday instead of spending 2 days cleaning it before your family visits.) But, when you haven't done it in a while, it can be overwhelming.

In this challenge, I'm going to break it down for you, step by step, so it becomes less overwhelming and easier to accomplish.

  • Daily prompts and activities to help guide you to taking care of your WordPress website.
  • Learn why backups are the most important step in taking care of your website.
  • Examples of what happens when you don't do the things I'm going to tell you to do that will scare you enough to make you need to listen.
  • Recommendations of plugins to help you get it all done.

From Past Clients...

"I've given Terri the unofficial title of "WordPress Whisperer". She can make magic happen with the website she creates and has a down-to earth philosophy when it comes to training and assisting her clients with updates and tweaks. What I like most about Terri's work ethic is that she doesn't talk over your head."

Dana Fortier, Encompass Campaign Management

"Terri is terrific at helping other business owners through the intricacies of the coding that is a WordPress website. In only a few minutes she was able to solve a problem on one of my client's websites that had been an issue for me for days. A quick online meeting with both of us thousands of Kms away and the problem was fixed. I would highly recommend Terri for her professionalism and ability to explain and fix my WordPress coding issue."

Kareeema Ryder

"Terri has been helping me with my fashion accessories website and social media needs. She has created a website in a format that I can easily change myself while still maintaining an edgy, creative look. I love working with Terri, she is extremely patient, makes herself readily available to me and I always tell her that after each session, I feel so much smarter!"

Marsha Murman, Chloe's Adornments