Want to learn how to do more with WordPress?

Don't worry... I've got you covered.

With a variety of training methods available, however you learn best, there's an option for you. Whether you're goal is to learn a new skill set, or learn how to feel more comfortable with your own website, learning WordPress doesn't have to feel daunting or intimidation. You just need to find an instructor who knows how to translate the technical terms into everyday words you'll understand.

How do you learn best?

One-on-One WordPress Training

One-on-One (1:1) WordPress training is a great option if you have an existing site (or you're building one) and you need specific help to meet your goals.

Training sessions can be for up to 1 hour and will be held via Zoom, and you'll be able to record it for future reference.

To get started, use the link below to book a clarity call so we can go over your goals and make sure this is the best solution for your needs.

Self-Paced training for WordPress

Some people learn best on their own, at their own pace. (I know all about that - I'm one of them!) That's why I created The WP Toolbox, a one-stop place to get training on your WordPress site and the other things that go along with running a business online, like email marketing, statistics & performance, SEO, and integrating with social media.

"OMGWTFWP" Q&A Membership

Sometimes WordPress just doesn't do what we want it to. And sometimes we don't understand why its doing what it's doing (if you're a parent, that should feel a little familiar.)

Wouldn't it be great if you had someone you could go to when you're having one of those moments?

Well, now there is. By subscribing to the OMGWTFWP membership, you can send me emails or short videos telling me what's causing your WordPress frustration and I'll send you back answers.

If you're interested in this, book a Getting to Know You call to get started.

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