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Are you keeping your WordPress website protected?

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Your website is critical to your business - are you taking care of it?

As one of the most important assets in your business, it’s vital that you keep your website updated, protected and online.

If your website is offline or has a major issue, this will affect your revenue and your customers.

It’s important to be vigilant in today’s modern world as the average website will have automated attacks looking for weaknesses, multiple times per day.

Our free guide will help you to put together a clear plan for your website, help you understand the importance of security and give you better peace of mind.

  • Learn why backups and a recovery plan are vital for your business
  • Understand why you should never give out your primary password to third parties
  • Create a website maintenance schedule that helps you and your employees
  • Learn why it's important to choose a good website hosting company
  • Learn what happened to one website owner who ignored his website maintenance

From Past Clients...

"I've given Terri the unofficial title of "WordPress Whisperer". She can make magic happen with the website she creates and has a down-to earth philosophy when it comes to training and assisting her clients with updates and tweaks. What I like most about Terri's work ethic is that she doesn't talk over your head."

Dana Fortier, Encompass Campaign Management

"Terri is terrific at helping other business owners through the intricacies of the coding that is a WordPress website. In only a few minutes she was able to solve a problem on one of my client's websites that had been an issue for me for days. A quick online meeting with both of us thousands of Kms away and the problem was fixed. I would highly recommend Terri for her professionalism and ability to explain and fix my WordPress coding issue."

Kareeema Ryder

"Terri has been helping me with my fashion accessories website and social media needs. She has created a website in a format that I can easily change myself while still maintaining an edgy, creative look. I love working with Terri, she is extremely patient, makes herself readily available to me and I always tell her that after each session, I feel so much smarter!"

Marsha Murman, Chloe's Adornments