Website Development Services

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Complete Website Development

This path is for those who just need it to get done. We’ll work with you on creating a beautiful design to convey your message to your audience, and then bring that design to life into a functional responsive website that works great on all platforms and devices.

Custom Theme Development

Got a design but need the code? Then this is for you. I love working with designers who use their magic to create gorgeous websites, and then I apply my magic to create a theme that does the design justice. Custom Theme Development rates start at $500.

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Website Theme Customization

I know you – you’ve got a great theme that’s *almost* exactly perfect. It just needs a couple of tweaks here and there to match that vision in your head. I can totally help you there. I love working on projects like this – where it’s like putting the final pieces into the puzzle so you can see the whole picture. I want to help bring that vision out of your head and onto the internet.

Customization prices start at $65/hour. If you’re interested in this service, contact me and let’s talk.

Quick Website Development Options

Overnight Website

You need a website NOW! You've got the words and the design, but you want someone else to handle the technical part of getting the site setup to protect your content and hard-work.

VIP Website Workshop

The VIP Website Workshop is ideal for those that need a website done quickly, but want to be involved every step of the way. You pick the day, bring the content, and we'll get it done.

Private Label WordPress Services

This is kind of a secret thing – a secret between me and you, that is. I work with lots of designers and marketing specialists that need coding skill to bring their website visions to life. This secret little service allows them to expand their service offerings and offer their clients more customized service without having to learn all that code stuff.

If this is something you’re interested in, get in touch and let’s talk about some customized plans to fit your average clients’ needs.