Work Smarter

One of my favorite horoscopes went something like this:

If an infinite number of rednecks shot an infinite number of shotguns at an infinite number of stop signs, you would eventually have the entire works of Shakespeare in Braille.

While I have always enjoyed this horoscope, and chose to interpret it “if you persevere, you will succeed.” And though I still agree with that, I’ve got another take on it – Why not just buy the works of Shakespeare? This alternative method would be less costly, less dangerous, and require less cleanup.

Cater to your strengths. Managing a cache of rednecks and shotguns isn’t my forte, but the bookstore? Yeah, that I can navigate. In business, I know that certain things are not among my strengths, and I chose to outsource them to more qualified people who can accomplish the same tasks insignificantly less time.

Now, your homework. Take a look at the business actions that you perform daily, weekly, monthly. Which of those are not your strengths or are not helping you to generate income? Now go and find someone who is more skilled to handle those actions for you. Have I mentioned that I know a great virtual assistant?

What are you going to outsource?

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