Work Sample:


Dana Fortier,  a fellow VA and one of my best friends, was in need a new website to go with the new brand identity for her VA business. At the beginning, Dana wasn’t sure what she wanted in terms of design, colors, or functionality, but had some definite ideas of things she didn’t like.


Trying to come up with a website design without any direction  from the client is kind of like trying to buy a car but not knowing what kind you want – sedan, coupe, SUV, station wagon, truck, etc. The possibilities are endless. Dana actually went to another web developer to try to get started, but was very disappointed with the time it was taking and the unsatisfactory customer service she was given. So, back she came, armed with a color palette, design ideas, and – most importantly – decisions about content and functionality.


Dana is thrilled with her new website, and has been enthusiastically announcing it in her email signature and social media.

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