Work Sample: Just Call Mike Home Helpers

Michael Harrawood is the husband of a colleague of mine. They called me several months ago, asking for some help with Mike’s website. Mike had started a home repair and handyman type of business, and wanted a simple website to advertise his business online, and provide reference and legitimacy for those looking for more information about his business. He knew someone who had offered to create his website as part of a class he was taking, but this didn’t turn out well for Michael. The website was not attractive, had broken images and the layout was off on several pages. What they needed me to do was fix up the site and make it look and work how it was suppossed to.

As this was a simple site, and the layout had already been decided on, I created the site as a static HTML site using CSS and a template to control page layout across pages. Once this was done, loading the content and uploading everything to the server was simple and quick. I also incorporated a Wufoo form for Michael’s contact page, to give him more flexibility over future use.

Although most sites that I do these days are WordPress-based sites, it didn’t make sense to use WordPress for this website. This site needed only a few pages, and did not require a blog or the ability for the client to be able to maintain the site going forward. These needs combined with a limited budget made a static HTML/CSS site a perfect solution for his needs.

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