WordPress 3.6.1 Security Release – Time to update!

It’s that time again – time to update WordPress that is. 🙂 WordPress version 3.6.1 was released, and this is a security and maintenance update. There’s 3 major security fixes that will help prevent unscrupulous people from gaining unauthorized access to your site.

For more information on the specifics of the updates, check out the official blog post on  WordPress.org.

Before you update your site, either Plugins, Themes or the WordPress core software, you should always make a backup of your site, in case something wonky happens in the update process. I always recommend Backup Buddy for WordPress backups – and not just because that’s an affiliate link. Seriously – I’ve tried other backup plugins, and none have worked as quickly or smoothly as Backup Buddy. And the restore process is equally as smooth. If you’re new to Backup Buddy, I have some videos about setting up and getting started with Backup Buddy for you.

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