Where have all the manners gone?

I wonder sometimes where people’s manners have gone, because there are many times when they are evidently not present in a lot of people. For instance – I am in charge of scheduling for a workshop to be held next week. Dates were sent out months ago to the speaker volunteers, as well as a reminder email about three weeks ago. Yesterday I got an email from one of the speakers saying that she doesn’t think she can make it. No apologies, not a terribly valid explanation either. I have been in her situation before, and have done everything possible to make sure that I can keep the commitment that I made, especially if it’s at the 11th hour.
So, I implore you all that, if you make a commitment, stick to it. Or at the very least, try to make acceptable alternative arrangements. Trust me, the other volunteers of the world will thank you for it.

1 thought on “Where have all the manners gone?”
  1. There are so many manners that have disappeared these days that it amazes me. What ever happened to integrity? Customer service? Thoughtfulness? Common Courtesy? This is just a prime example of how that’s gone to the dogs with some people. My mother used to always say “Your word is your promise”. I try every day to live by that. Sorry you had to experience such inconsideration.

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