Video isn’t so scary after all

For years, I’ve been watching everyone else do video marketing – tips, webinars, classes, product reviews, etc. And it always seemed like something that I didn’t have the right skillet to do. Or the right budget to pay someone to do for me. Until I found a 30 day video marketing challenge. Hm.

The goal of the challenge was o create a new video each day for 30 days to get over your fears and anxiety about creating videos. These didn’t have to be public videos – shared with the group was fine or just for yourself. And the woman who was running that challenge sent out a video each days with tips you could use to make your videos better. I was so excited. It started May 1, which was while I was away at a conference. But my roommate was going the challenge to so we supported each other in making our daily videos while we were at the conference. And then the conference was over.

I spent the drive home the next day wondering what to talk about in that day’s video. And never did get around to making it. Or any after that.

Except screencast videos – those I made a lot of. And they came out pretty good. A screencast video is made using software that records what you’re doing on the computer screen, so they’re great for training and such. These are very popular, especially in the WordPress community, but I had this anxiety about making them because I didn’t think I’d be able to edit them well enough. Or make them looked polished enough. Or they wouldn’t be clear enough. Or a million other things. But then, one day, I just did it. Someone in a group that I’m in had asked how to install WordPress in a subdirectory to use Optimize Press to make some sales pages. It would have taken me an entire page to describe it, or 5 minutes to make a screencast video to show how to do it. So I did. And they loved it. I actually got several compliments on that video. Ahhh…. maybe it isn’t so hard after all….

Since then, I’ve done a bunch more, and have plans to create many many more. They may not be as polished as some people create, but they are short (usually) and to the point, and created so they explain the subject matter simply.

If you want to check out more of the videos that I’ve made, head on over to my YouTube Channel.

Have you tried making videos? Did you find it easy or difficult to do? Share you video or YouTube channel links below – I’d love to see them!

Image Credit: Michal Zacharzewski

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