Using BackupBuddy

I’ve been using BackupBuddy for years. I love this plugin. It makes it so easy to keep regular backups of your site, move sites from a development environment to production server ( I know not everyone does this, but I do it ALOT) and even recover your site if its been hacked or has simply crashed.

I’ll admit that when BackupBuddy first came on the scene, I was like, “What?? Who needs this? It’s easy enough to move sites manually, by using cPanel and phpMyAdmin, and then find/replace and upload and …”

Yeah, there’s a bunch of steps if you’re moving things manually. And while there’s a bunch of backup plugins out there, many of them only backup the database. A database backup is better than nothing if your server crashes or you get hacked, as the database contains all of your content, but it’s really only half of your site. A database backup doesn’t include your theme, which can frequently be heavily customized, or your images and media files, or all of your plugins. Having just a database backup would basically be like copying the My Documents folder over to a new computer – you have all your stuff that you created, but then you still have to go download and install all of the software and programs that you were using. Which can be a gigantic pain in the but. And then you have to redo all the settings and …. no fun.

Using BackupBuddy, you can make either a database backup (which I do, weekly) or a full backup, which is your WordPress core software, any themes installed on your site, any plugins installed on your site, AND your entire database with all your content and settings and stuff. It will even backup other non-WordPress files on your server, if you want it to.

While the BackupBuddy website has great info and tutorials, I wanted to make these videos for a more personal touch to your introduction to BackupBuddy. I hope you find them useful.

Installing BackupBuddy

Getting Started with BackupBuddy

I’d love to hear your feedback on the videos. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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