To Text or Not To Text?

No, I’m not talking about texting on your phone. What I’d actually like to discuss is text vs. HTML eNewsletters.

Being the web designer aficionado that I am, my tendency was to stick with HTML eNewsletters. But I’ve had a revelation of sorts recently.

Every evening, I snuggle into bed and use my Blackberry to tick my way through the days’ emails that I didn’t get to, usually eNewsletters, to see what pearls of wisdom the world has for me. What I’ve noticed is that trying to read HTML-based eNewsletters on my BB can be a pain in the butt after wading through all of the coding. And while I generally prefer to work in the code of an HTML page, this is not that enjoyable on a small screen. Because of this, I’m now leaning more towards text-based eNewsletters. Sure, they may not be as pretty, but are definitely more functional and available to a wider audience.

Maybe the right answer lies somewhere in between, with using alternative CSS stylesheets for small screen browsers. But I’m curious – what’s your opinion and/or preference?

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