To Blog or Not to Blog…

As with anything else, I’ve done a lot of research before starting my
blog. On of the articles that I came across recommended having several
blog posts available before you really market or advertise that you
have a blog. The idea behind it is that if market a new blog, and only
have one post for visitors to read, they can’t really get a feeling
for who you are, how you write, and whether or not they want to come
back to or subscribe to your blog. This thought kind of brings me back
to the blog planning stages when I was deciding whether or not to blog.

So why should a business blog? Here are some of the reasons that I found:
1. Blogs allow your customers and potentials to make a personal
connection with you. This isn’t a formatted, generic brochure. Blogs
allow your customers to talk with you.

2. Blogs help you get the scoop on small problems before they turn
into big problems. Whether its a customer service issue, or a product
or service that your customers are looking for that you don’t offer,
knowledge sooner puts you in a better position to repair the issue
while minimizing the potential for customer loss and lost revenue.

3. Blog allow you to converse with your customers – even all of them,
at once! Where else can you carry on multiple conversations with your
customers, colleagues, critics, and compatriots, while also giving
them the opportunity to converse with each other, without typing up
phone lines on a mega-conference call?

4. Blogs let you share you knowledge and can help to position you as
an expert in your field. You can have the best, most professional and
well-written copy on your website. But what does that actually say
about you? Because blogs are so personal, even business blogs, your
community gets a better understanding of your knowledge and expertise
by reading you blog.

5. Blogs Western union agent can help your search engine ranking. Search engines crave new
and fresh content, and tend to pay more attention (and more ranking
weight) to sites that are updated frequently – like a blog. This is
also a great way to get other sites and sub-domains crawled by the
search engine bots. Once the bots know you’re there, and how often you
update, they’ll come back on a more regular schedule.

Still not convinced? I’d love to hear your reasons why (and why not)
you think a blog is essential for a business. Your idea might be the
catalyst another reader needs to start a blog and grow their business.

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