Speaking of letting go…

Every April, the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) holds a VA Summit, which I attended for the first time this past April. After I got over my mommy concern about leaving my at the time 18 month old daughter alone with her father for four days, I had a blast. There were some fabulous speakers, like Dave Lieber, Debbra Sweet, and Stephanie Frank, and lots of invaluable information and resources. I also had the opportunity to connect with many people that, prior to then, were just names in my inbox.
The 2009 VA Summit will be held in Montreal, Canada, and I was very much looking forward to attending. Until I realized that my husband is very likely to be deployed during that time and therefore my built-in childcare would be missing. A wonderfully timed message from another hopeful attendee reminded me that Montreal is within driving distance and I began to concoct a plan – that first required that I let go of my mommy concern. Or at least suspend it for a few days. And now? I’m excited and eagerly anticipating next year’s batch of fabulous speakers, friendly connections, and great information. And, a long over-due road trip.
Until next April, however, I’ll have to depend on this Friday’s Online International Virtual Assistants Convention. Check back next week for a review.
Until then, I wish you all happy days and business success!

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