Save Facebook posts for later review.

It never fails – I’m scrolling through my Facebook stream and I see an article that I want to read, but know I don’t have time to read it just then. Sometimes I take a screenshot, so I can go back to the Page or Profile that posted it to find it later. Sometimes I click through to the article and copy the URL to a Note on my iPhone for later reference. But more often that not, I forget to look at those screenshots and actually find the articles. 🙁 Then I found out that Facebook has a new Save feature – yay!!

I learned about the new Save feature from this Social Media Examiner post. Worth noting from this post is “If an update doesn’t have a link preview, readers can’t save it.” So, if you’re trying to save something and aren’t seeing the Save option in the drop-down menu, that’s probably the reason why. 

So let’s take a look at how to use this feature. I’m going to start with some iPhone screenshots and then we’ll look at the desktop/browser method.

Saving in Facebook for iOS

In your stream, when you find a post you want to save, tap on the little drop down arrow next to the post title and you should see the following menu (with appropriate post title and page name, of course):


Then you tap on “Save whatever the article title is” and it’s saved. Yay!

When you want to review the items that you’ve saved, go the More menu


And then Saved to see all of your saved items.


Saving Facebook Posts in our Browser

Similar to saving in the Facebook app, to save a post in your browser, look for the drop-down arrow to the right of the post title, and click on it to get a menu.


Then click on the “Save post title here” link to save it.

To review your Saved items, look for the Saved link in your top-left menu, under your profile picture.




So… now that you know how to save items of interest from your Facebook feed, how do you plan to use this feature? Share your tips!

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