How to post a PDF to WordPress site

I made this video to demonstrate how to upload a PDF to your WordPress site. For now it has no audio because when I recorded it, there was a lot of background noise. I’m going to rerecord the audio later but it’s pretty self-explanatory.

For those that prefer a more texty how-to, here you go:

  • Open a new post or page or the edit the post or page you want to add the PDF to
  • Just above the formatting options, click on the Upload Media icon next to the words “Upload/Insert”
  • You have the option of adding the PDF from your Computer, for a URL (somewhere else on the internet) or of choosing a file that has already been uploaded and is in your media library.
  • If uploading from your computer, drag the file into the “Drop files here” box or use the Select Files button to open your file viewer. Navigate to your file and click the Open button to select your file and begin uploading. After the file has uploaded, verify or adjust the title and click Insert into Post.
  • If linking to a file from somewhere else on the internet, click on the From URL tab and select the “Audio, Video, or Other File” radio button. Paste or type the URL into the URL field. Give your document a title, and then click Insert into Post (or Page).
  • If linking to a file that’s already been uploaded to your site, click the Media Library tab and find the file you want to use. Click the (blue) show link to the right of the file name. Verify or adjust the title, and click Insert into Post (or Page).
  • Ta da! That was fast!
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