What are domains and hosting?

Website Domains All websites need two things to exist and be easily accessed – a domain & hosting. I often see people get these confused, or think they are the same thing. They’re not. The best analogy I’ve found for explaining it is to compare it to building a new house. To build a new …

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Planning Your Website

This is the first post in my series about what you need to know when you’re creating your own website. In this part, I wanted to talk with you about the imporance of planning who your website is for and what you want to say to you audience. Defining your target audience You’ll hear this …

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What do I need to make a website?

One of the biggest misconceptions I see with people building their own website is not understanding what’s involved – what they need, both on the technical side and the creative/branding sitde. Through this series, I intend to give you the info you need to get started on the right foot, without getting stuck on the …

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Is Do It Together WordPress Coaching right for you?

WordPress One on One Coaching

In my years working with WordPress, I’ve come across a lot of people that had a similar situation. They had a website, so they didn’t need a whole new one, but they did have some questions, and the basic tutorial places covered info that was too basic for them. So, now, what? That’s why I …

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WordCamp is for (WordPress) lovers

If you are in the WordPress world, I whole-heartedly believe that you need to attend a WordCamp at least once (a year), if not more. I attended my first WordCamp in 2010 in New York City. I had been using WordPress for just under two years at that point, and was living in Connecticut, so …

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Work Sample: Craigston Colorado

Craigston Colorado website screenshot

Craigston Colorado is a custom home-building and cabinetry business in Evergreen, Colorado. I was contacted by owner Tucker’s wife who wanted to surprise her husband with a new website for his birthday. The previous website for Craigston Colorado, although functional, had a very dated look, and it was not easy to make changes or add …

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Resource Tip: Button Generator

I came across this neat little tool the other day, and wanted to share it – the Call-to-Action Button Generator. I see a lot of websites with call to action buttons that don’t seem to fit in so well. Wrong color, wrong font, weird size/shape. It’s sad to see websites that people clearly worked very …

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Work Sample: Pittsbugh Toy Lending Library

screenshot of Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library website

The Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library is a wonderful and unusual place. It’s a place where you can go with your kids to play on the many toys that they have available – everything from trains to animals to play houses to blocks, large and small, and balls and riding things and climbing things and even …

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What Conversation is Your Website Having?


When you are networking or speaking to a potential customer in person, you have the opportunity to engage them in a conversation and tell them about your services. On the internet, your website needs to have the conversation with them. To effectively plan the content for your site, you need to think about that conversation …

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Major WordPress Security Announcement!

If you have a WordPress website, please read this! I don’t want to seem melodramatic or anything, but if you have a WordPress website, you need to read this.  Over the last few weeks, some pretty serious security exploits have been announced, covering some very popular and major plugins (like WordPress SEO by Yoast, GravityForms, …

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Work Sample: Bloomfield Development

screen capture of Bloomfield Development Corporation in laptop screen

The Bloomfield Development Corporation is a community group focused on supporting, promoting and enhancing the residents of and businesses in Bloomfield neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA. Their previous website was constructed using a hosting company site builder by a previous staff member. From a user perspective, the website was not responsive, hard to navigate and had scant …

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Look out world – she’s starting a podcast!

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately while I work. I’m one of those people that can’t work in silence – the silence is actually distracting to me. So I work in coffee shops, or have the TV on in the background, or the radio, or, duh, podcasts. Listening to podcasts while I …

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Work Sample: Rima Sidhu

Screenshot of Rima Sidhu website in a laptop monitor

Rima had a fairly static website through a site builder tool from her hosting company. This tool did not make it easy to add new pages or make edits and, while she liked the overall design of the site, it was not mobile-responsive. My task here was to recreate her static site in a custom …

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Tool Review – PDFConvert.me

I have an issue that I’m assuming a lot of entrepreneurs have – or really anyone in business these days. I have a lot of email receipts from transactions and services that I subscribe to that I have to keep for tax purposes, but I don’t want to keep them all in my email for …

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Goodbye, 2014. Helloooo 2015!

It’s January again – how did that happen? Well, okay, I know how it happened, but it just doesn’t seem like enough time has gone by for the Earth to have gone ALL the way around the sun again. But it has, and now is the perfect time to set yourself up for a great, productive …

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