Yes, You really do need an SSL certificate

You really do need an SSL certificate

“Do I really need an SSL certificate for my website?” This is one of those questions that I’m hearing a lot more often from my clients. Typically, they’ve heard a rumor or something from a friend of a friend and are confused about it all. Strictly speaking, the only time you need an SSL certificate is …

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Why you must have a mobile-friendly website

Why You Must Have a Mobile-Friendly Website (especially in 2017)

According to a recent report from Pew Research Center, 77% of all American own a smartphone. When they first surveyed smartphone ownership conducted in 2011, that percentage was only 35% – that’s a fairly significant jump in only 6 years. An August 2016 blog post from Search Engine Land state that Google reports indicated that …

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Genesis CSS Column Classes

Getting started with Genesis CSS Column Classes blog post graphic

The Genesis Framework is one of the most popular for WordPress. They have a ton of great-looking child themes just waiting for you to add your own creative flair and create a fantastic website. I’ve even used them for some clients as a starting point for their site. One of my favorite “hidden features” of …

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Why do I need to update my WordPress site?

Why do I need to update my WordPress website?

If you have a WordPress site, you may have gotten a notification from your website or your hosting company when there’s an update available for WordPress. Many people ignore these update notifications. Here’s why you shouldn’t. Security It’s important to keep your website software updated to help prevent security holes that could allow unauthorized access …

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How to create an XML Sitemap

Create XML sitmaps video on YouTube

Sitemaps are useful for your website for a number of reasons, but mostly to help search engines find all of the fabulous content on your website. While it’s possible to create an XML Sitemap by hand, there are several handy tools that make it easy for anyone to create a sitemap for their website. Below …

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Stubborn Sideways Pictures & how to FIx Them

I encountered an odd thing a couple of months ago that I wanted to share in case you, too, encounter this odd thing. What is the odd thing? Squished/sideways pictures. I am the webmaster (big surprise) for my Toastmasters club. I was sent some photos to post on the site. Which I did through the …

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How to backup your WordPress site

Would you drive a car without insurance? Would you buy a home without insuring your investment in it? Most people would answer “No.” to these questions. Yet, when it comes to a website, especially a business website, so many people take no steps to protect the investment they have in their site. Even if you …

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How to choose the right Theme for your WordPress site

Choosing a theme for your WordPress site is a decision you should spend a little time with. While it is easy to change your theme without rebuilding your site, if you change your theme often, it can confuse visitors who may have gotten used to the banding and feel of your previous theme. So how …

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Spring Cleaning for your website

Update all the things

It’s Spring. Spring is finally, officially here in the US – yay! And with it, all the rain. But that’s okay – because I have an activity that you can do whethers its rainy or not in your part of the world. I’m talking about Spring Cleaning for your Website. Really? Yes! Your website is …

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What are domains and hosting?

Website Domains All websites need two things to exist and be easily accessed – a domain & hosting. I often see people get these confused, or think they are the same thing. They’re not. The best analogy I’ve found for explaining it is to compare it to building a new house. To build a new …

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Planning Your Website

This is the first post in my series about what you need to know when you’re creating your own website. In this part, I wanted to talk with you about the imporance of planning who your website is for and what you want to say to you audience. Defining your target audience You’ll hear this …

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What do I need to make a website?

One of the biggest misconceptions I see with people building their own website is not understanding what’s involved – what they need, both on the technical side and the creative/branding sitde. Through this series, I intend to give you the info you need to get started on the right foot, without getting stuck on the …

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Is Do It Together WordPress Coaching right for you?

WordPress One on One Coaching

In my years working with WordPress, I’ve come across a lot of people that had a similar situation. They had a website, so they didn’t need a whole new one, but they did have some questions, and the basic tutorial places covered info that was too basic for them. So, now, what? That’s why I …

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WordCamp is for (WordPress) lovers

If you are in the WordPress world, I whole-heartedly believe that you need to attend a WordCamp at least once (a year), if not more. I attended my first WordCamp in 2010 in New York City. I had been using WordPress for just under two years at that point, and was living in Connecticut, so …

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Work Sample: Craigston Colorado

Craigston Colorado website screenshot

Craigston Colorado is a custom home-building and cabinetry business in Evergreen, Colorado. I was contacted by owner Tucker’s wife who wanted to surprise her husband with a new website for his birthday. The previous website for Craigston Colorado, although functional, had a very dated look, and it was not easy to make changes or add …

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