Open letter to graphic designers

Dear Graphic Designer,

Creating graceful, smart, engaging graphic design that thrills your clients is a gift! And using your talent to launch striking websites that reflect your clients’ unique character must be gratifying.

But do your talents or preferences extend to website coding? While critical to every website project you undertake, you don’t have to be a coding specialist or love doing it. Instead, engage a professional website developer passionate about coding!

Every day I get fired up building valid code and helping clients attain faster load times, improve search engine optimization, and increase cross-browser and cross-platform functionality. I also understand that flawless coding is required to execute graphic design to a “T”. Once your client approves your design, you want all the artistic touches you’ve created to be honored. You expect perfect graphics placement, precise sentence breaks, exact margin line-up and more. When I do your coding, you receive strict attention to all these details.

Coding new or redesigned websites may not be your favorite thing. Sometimes, too, you or your regular programmer may be on vacation, sick or inundated with work. In all these cases, let me help! I get the job done in a professional, timely, courteous manner that delights your customers and makes your work life easier.

I am happy to work with you so my services are transparent to your client. In this case, be assured you retain all credit for the project and our arrangement remains confidential. However, if you prefer, I can work directly with your client and coordinate scheduling and other project goals to your satisfaction.

By working together, we each use our time and respective talents to their best possible purpose and enjoyment. Moreover, we give your client a beautiful, well-functioning website that helps ensure their business success.

I would love to talk with you about how we may proceed together for our mutual success. To make it easy for you, I will call you next week. Meanwhile, please visit my website at for a sample of my capabilities and thank you for your interest!

Best wishes,

Terri Tutich
beyond the office
Master CIW Designer

P.S. I also need your graphic design services to help me pitch website proposals to my clients. Why don’t you email me now so we can discuss upcoming projects?

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