My Favorite Twitter Tools (and how I use them)

Twitter Fox

TwitterFox is a Firefox plugin that helps you manage your Twitter account. Once installed, it sits in the bottom right corner of your browser window. The interface has tabbed displays to show your entire Twitter stream, your @ replies (Mentions) and your direct messages.  It’s very easy to use, and makes retweeting only a right click away.


TwitterBerry is great for staying connected to you Twitter friends on your BlackBerry. You can swith between your stream, your public stream, replies and messages through the menu button. I love this app for keeping up while I’m in waiting rooms and traffic. is fabulous for managing several social media sites at once. It works with lots of social media sites, and can be managed by using the web interface, SMS text, or email. You can even set up triggers to post only to specified networks if you don’t want to post to all of them.


HootSuite is the perfect tool for managing several Twitter accounts at once. This is so useful if you manage accounts for your clients, or have personal and professional Twitter accounts. Using the web interface, you can make new posts to your account(s) immediately, or schedule them for future posting. HootSuite now integrates with, so you can use HootSuite to schedule posts to all of your social media sites


DestroyTwitter – Gotta love the name, right? DestroyTwitter is a desktop app for managing your Twitter-verse. Similar to TweetDeck, it runs on the Adobe Air platform, so you’ll have to download and install that as well. Accodring to the website, though, it uses less system resources that TweetDeck, so might be easier for you to use if you’re a big multi-tasker. The interface is broken up into two pages of three columns – Home, Replies & Messages on the first page, Groups, Search and Saved Messages on the second. You can define as many groups as you want, but can only view one group’s stream at a time. My only want for this software is to be able to see two groups at the same time, and maybe some options for layout. However, I do like it the program, and get a kick out of the name every time I use it.

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  1. Hootsuite is probably the best free tool that covers all the essentials of a twitter account. It simply makes it so easy and clutter free to tweet with hootsuite.


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