It's like sending radio waves into space

Several years ago, just after I opened my business, I sent out a round of letters to local real estate brokers. These letters were an introdution to the VA working model, and a listing of my services. I dutifully followed up on them by phone the following week, and got absolutely no response. Properly daunted, I moved on to other marketing methods.

Last week, a random email arrived from a local real estate office asking for help in creating a mailing list spreadsheet. Curious, 0i asked the office manager where they heard about me, but she wasn’t sure. When she sent over the hardcopy, she added that her manager had found my letter from way back in 2006 file away – he wasn’t the manager at the time that I sent the letter – and decided to give me a call. Huh; whaddya know.

Marketing sometimes is like sending radio waves out in to space; eventually they land somewhere, and you never know what kind of response you’re going to get.

My letter from almost four years ago has netted exactly two responses, from which I’ve had two long-term clients and this new project. Not great stats but, the return on my investment is definitely worth it.

Go back and think about on of your earlier marketing tactics. How did that work out for you? Is it worth trying again? And what can you learn from the experience? I’m eager to hear from you…

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