Install WordPress plugin from repository

There are 3 different ways to install  a plugin in WordPress – automatically from the Plugins repository, uploading through WordPress, and manually uploading via FTP. This post is going to cover how to install a plugin automatically from within  WordPress.

portion of left side nav on WordPress dashboard showing Plugins menu item

To start, hover over the Plugins button on the left-side nav, and then select Add New from the fly-out menu.

From the Plugins main screen, enter your search term in the Search field and click Search Plugins.

 Install plugin option links in WordPress dashboard

In the list of search results, select the plugin you wish to install and click the Install Now link.

screenshot showing plugin search results in WordPress dashboard

A pop-up will ask you to confirm that you wish to install this plugin. Click Yes to proceed.

Once the Plugin is finished installing, click on the Activate Plugin button to make the Plugin ready to use.


For further help using your plugin, check the Plugin page and see if your plugin includes additional information in the description on how to use it.

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