Google analytics setup

Google Analytics is a great free service that allows you to track information about your website visitors and learn more about their behavior while they’re on your website, and how they got there. There’s a treasure trove of information available, and the only thing that’s required to get it is a YouTube account.

I’ve split it into two videos, but both are only a few minutes long and easy to follow.

If you’re looking for more help adding Google Analytics to your site, join me for my upcoming webinar where I’ll be covering this and more. Sign up for the webinar now!

This post is the first in a new series I’m going to be doing, called WordPress Weekend Projects, where you will find bite-size tips to enhance, secure, or optimize your website. Each tip should take an hour or less, and can be done without interrupting your precious weekend time too much.

Why do I call them weekend projects? Well, really, you can do them any time you want. But I know that as entrepreneurs, we often spend most of our work-week focusing on our customers, and often our own projects get pushed aside. These tips are intended to help you get your site up to speed and working better for you taking only small pockets of time we can find in between other tasks.

I hope you enjoy them, and I look forward to hearing what you think.

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  1. This is very helpful, and I will be looking into this. As a brand new blogger, I am excited to check out your new material about using WordPress as well!


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