Do What You Love…

I’m sure I’ve sparked someone’s attention with that post title and while not exactly my intent, it does fit more than anything else.

I was inducted today as a member of the Southeastern Connecticut Women’s Network and had the opportunity to give my elevator speech to a room full of business women at once. What an opportunity! Fortunately, I’ve practiced how to say what I love about my career as succinctly as possible.

After the speaker’s presentation, a woman came up to me to ask for my card. She said that while she wasn’t in a position to hire me right now, she was planning to hire someone in the near future. In her words, her business is “her passion” but the administrative stuff is what she “endures.’ (Does the title make sense now?) When I heard this, I immediately thought – Finally, two great action verbs to describe what I do. This is something that I know a lot of virtual assistants have struggled with. So, while I now have to reword my elevator speech a little, I have two very descriptive and attention-getting words to talk about how I help business owners and entrepreneurs.

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