Changing the favicon with a Genesis theme

Genesis Framework for WordPressI get a lot of random WordPress questions, and yesterday was no exception. A friend had purchased a Genesis Child ThemeEvent Manager – for her upcoming conference for moms. While she was having good success using the theme and getting her site set up, she was having a devil of a time changing the favicon from the standard Genesis “G” and asked for my help.

While normally, I would just recommend that she FTP the favicon image to her site root and/or the Child Theme images folder, I was unsure about her comfort level with the technical side of that. (It’s not very technical, but some people still prefer to avoid FTP if they can.) So off I went to look for another solution.

There are lots of Favicon plugins around, but none of them were getting rid of this stubborn one. And then I found the perfect solution – Genesis Favicon Uploader. This plugin does only one thing – uploads a favicon.ico file (it requires that to be the filename, so change it before you upload if you need to) and sets it as your site favicon. Sure, you could upload something through the included Media upload, and then change the reference in the themes header, but you run the risk of that getting written over when you update the theme. By using this plugin, you avoid that risk.

The plugin is available in the WordPress repository, but it’s been a while since it’s been updated, so you’ll see a warning message when you go to that page.

Not sure how to install a plugin? Check out these posts to learn how to install a plugin from the WordPress repository or to install it manually by uploading through FTP.

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