Planning a WordCamp: Organizer’s Notes

I was asked recently to “brain dump” my thoughts and experiences about organizing a WordCamp and I thought some of you might find this helpful, too. I was Co-Organizer of WordCamp Pittsburgh in 2016, and Organizer of WordCamp Pittsburgh 2017 & 2018. All of this is as correct as I can make it as of …

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Educational Resources while Social Distancing

Online Educational Resources during Social Distancing

This isn’t my standard sort of post, but I feel like a lot of you might be in the same place I am, with kids at home from school because of social distancing initiatives, and you might potentially be at a loss at how to fill their time (especially if you’re trying to get work …

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6 Things You’re Doing Wrong with Your WordPress website

1 – Not making regular backups. Even if you correct all of the things listed above, your website could still get hacked. Or your webhost could crash. Or you could update a plugin or theme that breaks your site – nothing’s infallible. Having current backups will help you recover more quickly in the event that …

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Stubborn Sideways Pictures & how to FIx Them

I encountered an odd thing a couple of months ago that I wanted to share in case you, too, encounter this odd thing. What is the odd thing? Squished/sideways pictures. I am the webmaster (big surprise) for my Toastmasters club. I was sent some photos to post on the site. Which I did through the …

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Is Do It Together WordPress Coaching right for you?

WordPress One on One Coaching

In my years working with WordPress, I’ve come across a lot of people that had a similar situation. They had a website, so they didn’t need a whole new one, but they did have some questions, and the basic tutorial places covered info that was too basic for them. So, now, what? That’s why I …

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WordCamp is for (WordPress) lovers

If you are in the WordPress world, I whole-heartedly believe that you need to attend a WordCamp at least once (a year), if not more. I attended my first WordCamp in 2010 in New York City. I had been using WordPress for just under two years at that point, and was living in Connecticut, so …

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Major WordPress Security Announcement!

If you have a WordPress website, please read this! I don’t want to seem melodramatic or anything, but if you have a WordPress website, you need to read this.  Over the last few weeks, some pretty serious security exploits have been announced, covering some very popular and major plugins (like WordPress SEO by Yoast, GravityForms, …

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Tool Review –

I have an issue that I’m assuming a lot of entrepreneurs have – or really anyone in business these days. I have a lot of email receipts from transactions and services that I subscribe to that I have to keep for tax purposes, but I don’t want to keep them all in my email for …

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Protecting your WordPress site with iThemes Security

WordPress powers nearly 25% of the world’s websites – that’s a lot of websites! Because of the popularity of WordPress, it has become a popular target of hackers and spammers. If you have a WordPress website and want to protect your investment (time and money involved in building your site), it is critical that you …

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Google Authorship: Gone but should it be forgotten?

About a year or so ago, I noticed a lot of webby bloggers talking a lot about Google Authorship – how to set it up on your site, the benefits, the pitfalls of incorrect configuration, all kinds of stuff. I investigated a bit, since I wasn’t terribly familiar with it, and was intrigued with the …

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Save Facebook posts for later review.

It never fails – I’m scrolling through my Facebook stream and I see an article that I want to read, but know I don’t have time to read it just then. Sometimes I take a screenshot, so I can go back to the Page or Profile that posted it to find it later. Sometimes I …

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Are you guilty of spamming?

Under the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, there are certain conditions that have to be met for marketing emails to be sent from or to US residents. If you’re not familiar with those requirements, this video from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) highlights seven things businesses that use email to promote their products or services need to …

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Getting Started with MailChimp Signup Forms

MailChimp is a great email marketing platform, and is very user friendly to set up and get started with. In this video, I’m going to through step-by-step how to customize the design of your sign-up forms to coordinate with your website and more accurately convey your brand.

Using BackupBuddy

backup buddy icon

I’ve been using BackupBuddy for years. I love this plugin. It makes it so easy to keep regular backups of your site, move sites from a development environment to production server ( I know not everyone does this, but I do it ALOT) and even recover your site if its been hacked or has simply crashed. …

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How to Install WordPress in a subdirectory

The question came up recently about how to install WordPress in a sub-directory so they could use OptimizePress for some landing pages. (OptimizePress is a theme specifically for creating product or event landing pages, squeeze pages, opt-in pages, sales pages, etc. Because it is a theme, it will override your existing theme if you want …

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