What scheduling service should I use on my website?

What scheduling service should I use on my website?

There are many different reasons you might want to enable your customers to book an appointment directly on your calendar without the inevitable back and forth emails trying to find a suitable date and time. Website Scheduling Services Here’s a rundown of some of the more popular appointment scheduling services: Acuity Acuity offers a 7 …

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Tools I Use in My Business

Running a business online means there’s a lot of pieces that need to fit together to make everything work – and as smoothly as possible, so we business owners are not spending our days in tools and integrations instead of working with our customers and using our gifts. So, I now present a listing of …

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How to create an XML Sitemap

Create XML sitmaps video on YouTube

Sitemaps are useful for your website for a number of reasons, but mostly to help search engines find all of the fabulous content on your website. While it’s possible to create an XML Sitemap by hand, there are several handy tools that make it easy for anyone to create a sitemap for their website. Below …

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Resource Tip: Button Generator

I came across this neat little tool the other day, and wanted to share it – the Call-to-Action Button Generator. I see a lot of websites with call to action buttons that don’t seem to fit in so well. Wrong color, wrong font, weird size/shape. It’s sad to see websites that people clearly worked very …

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Tool Review – PDFConvert.me

I have an issue that I’m assuming a lot of entrepreneurs have – or really anyone in business these days. I have a lot of email receipts from transactions and services that I subscribe to that I have to keep for tax purposes, but I don’t want to keep them all in my email for …

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Why should I use WordPress?

I got an email from a copy-writer that I know the other day, and it seemed like a good thing to share on the blog… “Terri, I wanted to share the information below regarding a conversation I had with the developer I’ve used. I wanted to get your feedback on what he had to say …

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Getting Started with MailChimp Signup Forms

MailChimp is a great email marketing platform, and is very user friendly to set up and get started with. In this video, I’m going to through step-by-step how to customize the design of your sign-up forms to coordinate with your website and more accurately convey your brand.

Video isn't so scary after all

For years, I’ve been watching everyone else do video marketing – tips, webinars, classes, product reviews, etc. And it always seemed like something that I didn’t have the right skillet to do. Or the right budget to pay someone to do for me. Until I found a 30 day video marketing challenge. Hm. The goal …

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