What can you do if your business is slow right now?

What can you do if your business is slow right now?

One of the under-recognized groups that are being affected by social distancing, stay at home orders, and shelter in place orders is small business owners. The reasons these various orders can affecting these businesses are varied and include things their customer base not being able to get to them, or conserving spending because of an …

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How to repurpose your content for maximum exposure and less stress

How to repurpose your content for maximum exposure and less stress

Creating content is a never-ending part of running an online business. Everything is content – web page content, blog posts, newsletters, social media content. Maybe you’ve even got video and/or podcast content in the mix. Then, when you try to follow the marketing advice of creating/sharing content regularly, it can seem very overwhelming. But there’s …

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What is a Marketing Funnel?

Marketing funnels are one of the best ways to help generate leads while you are off doing other things – working with your customers, playing with your family, vacationing, sleeping – whatever. Funnels help you to connect with your audience without having to send every email individually. Exploring the funnel Basically, the idea of a …

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Are your pop-ups affecting your search ranking?

Are popups affecting your search ranking? cover graphic

As part of their continued effort to make mobile internet usage more user-friendly, Google changed their search algorithm to penalize pages that have “instrusive interstitials,” which refers to popups and popovers that cover the majority of the visible area. “They can frustrate users because they are unable to easily access the content that they were …

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Resource Tip: Button Generator

I came across this neat little tool the other day, and wanted to share it – the Call-to-Action Button Generator. I see a lot of websites with call to action buttons that don’t seem to fit in so well. Wrong color, wrong font, weird size/shape. It’s sad to see websites that people clearly worked very …

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Are you guilty of spamming?

Under the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, there are certain conditions that have to be met for marketing emails to be sent from or to US residents. If you’re not familiar with those requirements, this video from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) highlights seven things businesses that use email to promote their products or services need to …

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Getting Started with MailChimp Signup Forms

MailChimp is a great email marketing platform, and is very user friendly to set up and get started with. In this video, I’m going to through step-by-step how to customize the design of your sign-up forms to coordinate with your website and more accurately convey your brand.

How Marketing Is Like Parenting

I was running around the house this morning, getting the kids ready for their respective destinations today. And it occurred to me that, on some level, marketing is like parenting. The basic tasks associated with marketing go something like this: define your target market determine their pain points – what do they need? find a …

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Video isn't so scary after all

For years, I’ve been watching everyone else do video marketing – tips, webinars, classes, product reviews, etc. And it always seemed like something that I didn’t have the right skillet to do. Or the right budget to pay someone to do for me. Until I found a 30 day video marketing challenge. Hm. The goal …

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