Choosing an email marketing service

I’m a lurker, for lack of a better descriptor, in lots of different online groups targeted to to entrepreneurs and small biz owners. Many people join groups as a place to market themselves, but I like to “listen” to others, to see what questions and problems people have that I might be able to answer. …

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What is a Marketing Funnel?

Marketing funnels are one of the best ways to help generate leads while you are off doing other things – working with your customers, playing with your family, vacationing, sleeping – whatever. Funnels help you to connect with your audience without having to send every email individually. Exploring the funnel Basically, the idea of a …

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Getting Started with MailChimp Signup Forms

MailChimp is a great email marketing platform, and is very user friendly to set up and get started with. In this video, I’m going to through step-by-step how to customize the design of your sign-up forms to coordinate with your website and more accurately convey your brand.