Blog-Post Bingo!

Writing blog posts for most people, I think, falls under that love-it-or-hate-it category. I know a lot of people who really do love creating blog posts, creating content for their readers. And I know a lot of people who will find any excuse to not write them. But, the data really does prove that blog content, which is really just additional content for your site, helps to increase traffic to your website. And really, isn’t that the goal?

So, what can I do to encourage you all to write more blog posts? Gamification is a great motivator for lots of things, so let’s try applying gamification to blogging.

Introducing… Blog Post Bingo!

Below is a Blog Post Bingo card, with each spot featuring a different topic for a blog post. Use it as inspiration to help you decide what to blog about.

This game is meant for you to do on your own or with a group. If you’d like to do it with me (and any of my followers who choose to participate. There’s no official prize if you win, except the knowledge that you are being more successful and consistent with your blogging.

Blog post bingo card

So what are the rules?

Again, this is just for fun and your own achievement. But, let’s establish some rules because what’s gamification without some supporting rules? ( I have no idea, but it sounds good.)

What counts as a BINGO, you ask?

For Blog Post Bingo, I’ll only accept across, down, or diagonal bingos.

Which posts count for this?

For Blog Post Bingo, you should use only newly published blog posts – no fair going back and using old blog posts. This means that is has to either be published on your website, that can be verified as belonging to you by an About page or something like that, or published with your name as the author if the post is published on another site.

Each post can only be submitted for one blog post type.

How do I share my blog posts?

When you publish a post that you want to use for Blog Post Bing, share a link to the post on your favorite social media platform(s) with a link the post, the square it’s counting for, and the hashtag #blogpostbingo (and any other hashtags you want to use). Using the hashtag will help increase the exposure of your post (and the fun of Blog Post Bingo!)

Is there a prize?

Sorry, no, no prize from me. But you will have the prize of more content on your site that helps your target audience find you and get you know your expertise.

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