BizBuilder Notes: Begin with the end in mind

One of the many topics of discussion this week at BizBuilderCT was about beginning with the end in mind. There were several newcomers to the group, both experienced entrepreneurs and new business owners. Regardless of experience level, a common theme that we all face is how to take the steps necessary to accomplish our goals.
For example, one of the visitors today has been in business for about a month. She is a graphic designer, and has been working as an employee for others for about 14 years, as well as doing some freelance work on the side. As a function of the recent economic issues, she finds herself having to run a business that was never really part of the plan. The actual work the business performs is the easy part; it’s all the other stuff that she’s unsure about. What should she do?
The answer she received was to determine her strengths and weaknesses, prioritize which things she would have to learn how to manage and which could be outsourced, and focus on what steps needed to be taken to accomplish her goals. The best thing about this advice? It’s universal!
Sure, those are all great things to tell a new business owner. They are also great things to tell an experienced business owner. Without goals, you never know where you’ll end up. And without a plan on how to accomplish those goals, you may never get there.

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