Balancing Customer Service & Business Goals

One of the hardest parts of running a business is making sure that your customers are happy with the product or service that you provide. And finding this out isn’t always easy. Try these tips to help ensure your customers are happy. Or, at least, that they’ll tell you when they’re not.

Why customers leave?

Most unsatisfied customers don’t complain, they just go away.

  1. 70% leave because of perceived rude or indifferent behavior
  2. 20% leave for price or product quality
  3. Only 5% dissatisfied customers complain to management
  4. 45% complain to front end staff

So how do you keep your customers happy?

  • It costs 4 times as much to acquire new customers as it does to retain current customers.
  • “Yes, I Can” Attitude
    • A major hotel chain had their employees wear pins proclaiming “Yes, I Can” to illustrate their customer service dedication. When a customer asked if she could have one of the buttons, she was told, “No, I can’t,” stating that hotel policy required them to wear the pins at all times and they didn’t have any extra. What does this say about their customer service dedication?
  • Use Satisfaction Surveys
  • If a customer has a complaint, follow up to see what can be done to remedy or satisfy the customer.
  • Resolving a complaint within 24 hours results in 96% customer retention.
  • Each additional day decrease retention rate by 10%
  • You can boost profits by 100% by retaining 5% customer base
  • Can be useful in helping you spot customer service trends aka bad employee, desired service that you don’t offer
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