Backup your files safely with Carbonite

What is Carbonite?

Carbonite is an automatic, web-based file backup service.

How I use Carbonite?

I hate that feeling that I get when I realize that I have accidentally deleted the wrong file. Or when a file gets corrupted. Or the panic I have when I realize how long it’s been since I’ve backed up to my external hard drive. Since I started using Carbonite, I don’t have that feeling anymore.

Why I love Carbonite?

  • It’s automatic. All I have to do is identify which folders I want it to back up, and it does.
  • It’s quick. Within minutes (usually) of saving changes to a file, it’s being uploaded to the server. Yes, the initial backup can take several days, depending on how much you’re backing up, but once that’s done, that incremental backups happen within a few minutes.
  • Online File Access. Since your files are already on their server anyway, they’ve added a great feature where you can access your files online. Great for those times when you realized you left a file at home, or just need to look something up when you’re not at your computer.
  • Affordable. It’s only $54.95 a year per computer for unlimited storage space. That’s less than $5/month to back up all those important files, emails, and pictures. And, if your purchase a subscription for more than 1 year at a time, you get a discount. (3 years is $129.95)
  • I’ve tried a few other online backup services, and with Carbonite, I get the most bang for my buck.

    I’d love to hear from you. If you’ve tried Carbonite, what’s your favorite feature? Or, if you’re using a different service, I’d love to hear what you like best about that one, too.

4 thoughts on “Backup your files safely with Carbonite”
  1. Who knew, when I wrote this earlier this week, that it would be posted so timely. Just this morning, i realized that a folder of client information has been inadvertently deleted – Carbonite to the rescue! I paused my backup, restored my files, and am ready to roll again.

    Thanks again, Carbonite!

  2. Carbonite doesn’t work. It fails to backup normal Office files downloaded from Outlook 2007 claiming they are “temporary files”. They are not. They refuse to respond to my many requests for resolution to this issue. “Never Worry About Your Backup Again” is an outright lie. You will lose files. It’s too bad about their attitude, too. If they were willing to own it, I’d let them work it out, but they just don’t seem to care.

    • I’m sorry to hear you’re having a problem with the service, but I’ve never experienced You said “files downloaded from Outlook 2007” – if you’re just opening the file from Outlook and not saving it, they are stored in the Temporary folder, which is not a good place to keep files that you intend to use again anyhow. Perhaps it’s just because it’s in the Temporary folder.

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