5 Great Reasons to Use WordPress for your Website

  1. SEO – WordPress provides good search engine optimization (SEO) right out of the box. There are always a few tweaks that can be made, but there are many SEO benefits that WordPress provides for free.
  2. Easy to learn & Use – Compared to other content management systems, it is so easy for someone to dive into the WordPress admin section and start to edit and and create new pages. You can start a draft and leave it there, updating it as you want until you are ready to publish it. Then you can just as easily unpublish it so it becomes a draft form again, in case you want to use it again later.
  3. Extensions – lots of ready-made plugins and themes,  and the ability to create your own makes WordPress extensible and easily scalable for future needs without needing to completely redevelop your website.
  4. Great community = security – the vast popularity of WordPress makes for loyal users who help to keep WP secure and modern. Because it’s open source, everyone has access to the source code to help find ways to make and keep WP secure and to incorporate new features that are in high-demand. And the built-in functions to upgrade it when new versions are released are so easy that any go keep their installation updated so that it can be the most secure.
  5. FREE – Unlike many other content management systems, WordPress is released freely for anyone to use. This means that there are no costly licenses to purchase to be able to use this fabulous platform for your next website.
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