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Once upon a time, there was a 12 year old girl with a dream of working from home, so she could be present as her kids grew up. Fast-forward to 2006: that little girl, now all grown up, fulfilled the promise and started her own business.

Beyond the Office was born.

Ever since I met my first exposure to programming with the little Turtle that we used to make pictures with in the computer lab, computers have been my obsession. That obsession inspired me to major in Information Systems, and eventually fueled my passion for creating websites.

close up of disk drive and part of monitor and keyboard of a vintage Apple II computer

I wanted to find solutions for my customers' problem areas.

Beyond the Office started with offering administrative services virtually to help small businesses with the tasks they didn't have the time to focus on, or that were keeping them from being able to use their gifts and help their customers.

But my customers kept asking for website services and with my programming and Information Science background, I was excited to discover a whole new area I could help my customers with. Back then, building a website meant knowing code and how to manage a server and all these other technical things. The process was scary to a lot of people, but it was totally my jam. Clients could have a website they loved without having to learn something new, or try to stay on top of changes in best practices and tools available.

Then I discovered WordPress. (cue angels singing)

WordPress is an awesome tool for business owners to have great looking websites that they can maintain themselves. So I taught myself to create custom themes for WordPress (’cause no one wants their website to look like everyone else’s), and now there's so many more options for creating a great-looking website without having to learn to code it from scratch.

Tools and practices may have changed (back then, nested tables were the best practice, and responsive design wasn't even a dream) but the core of what I do hasn't - I cut through the confusion to help my customers get a website they love, and help them feel confident about using it.

You deserve to have a website you love.

You deserve to have a website that speaks to your target audience just as if they're chatting with you on the phone or at a coffee shop.

And wouldn’t it be great to have a website that you can manage yourself, so you're not beholden to a developer every time you want to add a new blog post or set up a funnel.

Or even better - to have a trusted partner who can manage your website for you or someone you can turn to when things get iffy, to help you navigate the chaos and come out safely on the other side? That's where I come in - to be your guide through the confusion.

Why I work the way I do…

This is who I am, and I know I show up at my best on quick-turn and short term projects or projects with a very specific scope. This allows me to jump in on all the little projects my customers need without trying to take over the whole thing.

Whereas some agencies and freelancers only want big projects and long-term retainer relationships, I thrive on handling the little tasks, coming in when you need help and getting you back on track and moving forward.

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