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TerrI in a coffee shopOnce upon a time, there was a little girl with a dream of being able to work from home, so she could be there with her kids as they grew up. Fast-forward to 2006, and that little girl, now all grown up, fulfilled the promise she had made to herself at age 12, and beyond the office was born.

My passion/obsession had always been computers, ever since I met the little Turtle that we used to make pictures with Pascal in the computer lab. That obsession inspired me to major in Information Systems, thinking I was going to get into software programming. But sitting in the computer lab one day, I noticed someone coding on the screen next to me and asked what it was. HTML!!! The code I can use to make websites!!! My obsession morphed.

When I started beyond the office, I created my own website, because I could. Wow, had website practices changed in those last years!! I researched and learned more, and before too long, had my first (unexpected) website client. I wasn’t even offering it as a service, but people were asking for it anyway.

Then I discovered WordPress. (cue angels singing) WordPress is an awesome tool for business owners to have great looking websites that they can maintain themselves. So I taught myself to create custom themes for WordPress, ’cause no one wants their website to look like everyone else’s.

Now, after being in business for over 8 years, WordPress related services are the core of what I offer. I enjoy working with all kinds of businesses to help them bring their website dreams to life.

In addition to the services I offer in my business, I am also involved in the WordPress community as an organizer for the Pittsburgh WordPress Designers & Developers meetup group as well as being on the organizing team for WordCamp Pittsburgh.

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